We had a damn party last Sunday.

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Two weeks ago we bought a couple of pony kegs to make moonshine in. Shhh, don’t tell. We then realized that the beer would have to be drunk. So our first thought was to have Auric come play in our kitchen. Next logical thought… call up the dudes at Brigade Boys and see what we can do to mix things up a little bit. They brought Cport and Young A through and we ended up having a hell of a fish fry.

photo by shootyouintheface

First of all Adam from Auric might be one of the most photogenic musicians of all time, but I want everyone to look at the dude on the left of the above photo. This is our resident manchild Andrew. Take special notice of the camera in his hand. I think the best way to sum up this experience is to follow him through the photos of the night. Luckily, our dear friend Brandi (shootyouintheface) was also there to capture some of these moments. So… Here we go.



As you can probably tell by the thousand yard stare in the eyes of these fine young men, everybody is getting drunk quick and things are starting to get weird/good. Everyone in this photo will clearly wake up feeling like somebody dropped a cinder block on their head.

To the full extent of our knowledge, this is the last photograph Andrew took for the evening.

Now…. At some point Andrew put down the camera and decided to put the pedal to the metal.

photo by shootyouintheface

We will catch back up with him later. Please keep in mind I have no actual idea of the chronological order of these photos, until we get down to the end.

photo by shootyouintheface
photo by shootyouintheface
photo by shootyouintheface

Cport ABSOLUTELY killed it.

photo by shootyouintheface

Young A is a true champion.


Lastly…. After he fell asleep in the neighbor’s yard, our baby boy Andrew was rustled inside where evidently he decided to make camp for the night.


This young man woke up and went to work.



More kitchen shows soon.