In the Kitchen with Mud Lung









Weed Needles finishes tracking for a new record

Weed Needles Finished tracking 11 songs in a matter of 2 days. A band of working class men is what they are and work is what they did. There was no down time and what little rest there was, was found on the floor. All that aside, it was one of the most enjoyable experiences we’ve had. We are excited to hear the final cuts. We even got some help from Phillip Farris (Archbuilders/Cowards) on a few tracks.



IORI will rise again





 Upon returning from our March tour with label-mates Vessel, we were saddened by the departure of our vocalist Jerel.  Although his leaving has left wounds, we’ve all collectively decided that there is no other option than to continue on as a 3 piece doing vocals ourselves. This has slowed us down with our touring but only for a short time. Soon we will be hitting the road again in full force with a new approach, a new sound, and new found drive to spread our music to the masses.

We’ll keep working hard to produce what’s honest and true to our hearts. You all do the same and stay free, and open.