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Barren | Wasted Life Records

god.queen.war is our first full length album written and recorded in early 2013.

We have it available for download on our bandcamp or you can come purchase a physical copy at our merch table at any of our shows.


gqw cover

1. god  -  1:35

2. the Seductionist - 2:55

3. Doc Holliday - 2:20

4. Abandonment - 2:38

5. Cancer - 4:09

6. queen - 1:31

7. Illustrator - 4:52

8. Annex - 3:09

9. Rust - 3:04

10. Cask - 4:40

11. war - 3:46

tours and writing

We are currently working on some weekender tours for later this year. Afterwards we have plans to finish up writing on a new record and getting that recorded and released by late next summer/early fall. I'll be throwin some live shots and videos up on here soon too, give yall somethin to look at. For now here's a video from earlier this year at Gulley park of one of our newer songs Spearhead.


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