An Afternoon of Pre-production with Tim Campbell

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Saturday afternoon Brock and I got to sit down and spend some time with our good friend and Wasted Life Records artist Tim Campbell. Generally, this is something that I like to do for my own sanity about once a week if possible. We are usually happy to sit on the porch and talk about whatever comes up. The last couple weeks have had a different agenda.

Recently after a long and focused study of blues and folk music, Tim started putting together some songs. I have been fortunate enough to get to serve as an objective opinion for things like arrangement and direction… but this the first time we sat down with a microphone and recorded some pre production demos for our own listening. The material on Tim’s upcoming EP presents something simple and honest with a fair bit of wisdom in tow. We are all excited to release it, but I am most looking forward to getting the opportunity to help bring these songs to life.



photo by Brock Davidson